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One of the most competitive means for building brand awareness and increasing website traffic. Set up a Universal App Campaign to drive purchases, in-store visits, leads, and phone calls.


Universal App Campaign is an automated platform promoting your apps across Google’s most prominent properties including Google Search, YouTube and Google Display Network (GDN). It enables your company to drive installations and in-app conversion actions. With the UAC being the only platform for you to advertise mobile app installs on Google’s products, it helps identify the targeted users for your app.

What is the Universal App Campaign?

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  • You can select one of the three types in the Universal App Campaign; app installs, app engagement, and app pre-registration.

    • App Installs generate ads in order to attract users to install your app.

    • Engagement offers users who have already installed your app and guides the users to a targeted landing page.

    • Pre-registration is for Android only which is mainly boosting the interest and awareness of the upcoming apps.

  • The Google Ads under the Universal App Campaign will appear all over Google’s varying properties; Google search pages, including YouTube, Google Play, Google Search Network, Google Display Network (GDN), etc.

  • UAC requires you to provide text, a budget for the Universal App Campaign, languages, and locations for Google Ads. Note that at least one image, one video, and HTML5 assets are needed. Whilst these are the bare minimum requirements for Universal App Campaign ads, we recommend utilizing the customizable features provided. Our Hong Kong Universal App Campaign agency can provide professional tips and consultation regarding how to fully employ these components and maximize your ROAS.

  • App Store listing is essential since search engines like Google will read the provided information in the App Store and decide the audiences. The listing can drive your target audiences and attract similar audiences which will increase the click-through rate for your Universal App Campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Tips for your Universal App Campaign.

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Add different sizes of images and videos to the Universal App Campaign to show across various products. More variety of ads can ensure Google displays more ad combinations.

Utilize images and videos

Monitor your Universal App Campaign to see which asset performs the best. Make amendments to the low-performing ads to improve the conversion rate.

Check the ads report regularly

Make sure your assets are of the highest quality possible, and upload as many assets as you can for each asset category. You want to make sure Google can display your Universal App Campaign ads across YouTube, Google Play, Google Display Network (GDN) and Google Search Network optimally, with high quality and quantity.

Ensure full asset coverage

We are one of the digital marketing agencies in Hong Kong that provide Universal App Campaign service. Agencies better understand the advertising world in both local and international markets. Notably, we are a Hong Kong and China based UAC agency, so we are fully capable of better allocating different resources to choose the correct combination of the Universal App Campaign types for our clients.

As a Universal App Campaign Agency, we have in-depth experience in what it takes to succeed on these platforms and can help ensure that your campaigns are set up to perform effectively. We will consider all factors to help create an optimized plan for various clients. Getting the help of a UAC agency will ensure your campaign goes smoothly.

Why is a Universal App Campaign Agency needed?

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