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What Does the Search Network Include?

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the practice of using paid advertisements displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) in order to market one’s company or brand. Among the various SEM ads, Google Search Ads is a prevalent form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in which the advertisement is based on Google Searches. Your ads will be displayed above or below organic search engine results in the Google Search Network after you have bid on various keywords, and those keywords are searched by Internet users.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

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These include Google Search, Google Pay, Google Shopping, Google Images, and Google Maps. ​

Google Search Sites​

For text ads, search partners include hundreds of non-Google websites, as well as Google Video and other Google sites. ​

Google Search Partners

who click search advertisements


are more likely to make a conversion or purchase. Hence, if you would want a conversion made from your website or landing page, it is critical to start an SEM campaign and have search ads due to their effectiveness of inducing clicks.

of the total search engine market


belongs to Google. This shows that when starting an SEM campaign, it is critical to aim to advertise on Google Search as it is the platform that brings in the most search traffic.

of Google Search clicks


goes to the top three paid search results. We at R-Digital emphasize the importance of your keywords to land on the first three results. Hence, we will suggest different strategies and implementations that fit your company objectives and SEM budget to help you achieve that.

Google Search Ad Format.

// Types

From the cost-effectiveness of a plain text ad to captivating stories presented by video ads, choosing an ad type that best suits your needs is crucial to a successful search engine marketing campaign. Our Hong Kong based SEM agency can help your company determine the most suitable ads.

  • Call-only ads

  • Product Shopping ads

  • Responsive ads

  • Image ads

  • Text ads

  • Showcase Shopping ads


More than 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day. Capture quality leads. Start now.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

What are the benefits of Google Search Ads for your SEM campaign?

// Benefits

Google Search Ads can seize search intent and target the ideal demographic. Search Ads allow you to leverage the interest of potential clients who may click your ads. The details of the clickers, including devices used, current location, and the duration of time spent on each page, are revealed in the analytics. These are vital information that can help you better fine-tune your ads to maximize ad spending and get an instant boost of search traffic against competitors.

What are the benefits of Google Search Ads for your SEM campaign?

Google Search Ads is one of the most popular forms of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Given that Google Search is the platform that brings in the most search traffic, Google Search Ads instantly leaves your site with impressive targeted traffic by taking your business to the top of Google’s first search page.

Increased SERP ranking.

Do The Math.

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With the help of our well-versed team in SEM, we can identify which search network and the type of ads are most beneficial and effective for your business and marketing campaign. Furthermore, our SEM agency will study the market and your business to develop a keyword proposal. It will provide suggestions on which keywords will be most beneficial and valid to bid on for your SEM campaign to maximize cost-efficiency and brand growth.


Why Choose Us?

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Want to drive more organic traffic to your website?

  • Google Search Ads can show on different search engines, including Google when a user searches the related keywords and phrases. Google Search Ads can appear on both Google websites and non-Google websites which will increase the click-through rate for Google Ads, overall bringing a great deal of traffic and potential customers.

  • There are three types of Google Search Ads. Text ads, Dynamic Search Ads, and call-only ads are the most popular ads on Google Search Network, which may have an “Ad” or “Ads” label on the search engine result pages (SERP). Shopping ads are usually providing a link to the selling products or services. They will be labelled as “Sponsored” or have an “Ad” or “Ads” label on the search engine result pages (SERP). The last one will be image and video ads. For more details on specific Google Search Ads and which ones fit your business goals and budgets best, chat with our SEM team.

  • Your company will need to bid in auctions for keywords and pay advertisers to display your ads. Depending on the bid price, the costs can add up. But it does not always have to be this way. Our Search Engine Marketing agency can help you devise an appropriate SEM plan tailored to your budget, optimizing your SEM campaign and maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

  • Google Search Network campaign can help you to drive conversions directly and lower the cost. You can test a new market by starting a Google Search Network campaign to obtain vital user information. This information can be utilized by a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. R-Digital is not only a top-tier SEM agency, but also an SEO agency with tailored SEO services that can increase your organic traffic and long-term ROI.

  • You should set a goal for Google Search Ads first. Then, you can name your campaign and choose the Google Search Network campaign. After that, you can target your audience by location and demographic, and set your budget for the Google Search Network campaign. Create your ad groups and build search ads that lean towards your business goals and targets. If you hire a Hong Kong SEM agency (such as us at R-Digital), they can help you calibrate your Google Search Network campaign to optimize your Google Search Ads.

  • When users search on search engines, search engine result pages (SERP) will be generated and show results based on relevancy. Google Search Ads show above the organic results, meaning that users will reach the Google Search Ads first. Your website will then have higher exposure. Our SEM agency can help your company plan and implement an optimized SEM campaign with Google Search Ads to boost your ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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