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Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are a great way to connect with potential and existing customers.

Instagram Ads.

Instagram Ads are perfect for promoting your brand in an accessible way without directly selling to your audience. You can find new leads and grow your customer base after utilizing the inbuilt marketing features such as stories, posts and Instagram Shop. As a social media agency, we will set up persuasive ads to help you get the most out of your Instagram Ads budget and get a great conversion rate.

What are Instagram Ads?

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Benefits of Instagram Ads.

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Drive more sales.

Facebook and Instagram both have different advertising features to promote your products. Potential customers can watch the Instagram Ads and search for their targeted items just by scrolling through Instagram. The handy design of Instagram Ads enables people to browse the products easily, increasing the chance for them to purchase directly from one post.

Build relationships with customers.

The variety choices of Instagram Ads give your business the opportunity to publish different styles of ads instead of a normal text ad. Through publishing content and images that engage your audience, apart from grabbing the attention of potential customers, more existing customers are willing to be the target of remarketing and keep updating themselves with the latest products.

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Popular Types of Instagram Ads.

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Stories ads are inserting videos or images in Instagram stories. Users are redirected to the homepage after swiping up the ads.

Stories Ads.

Post ads are kind of call-to-action ads that help you drive specific actions such as link clicks, like, share, or conversions.

Post Ads.


Ready to build something worthwhile and to drive sales from social media?

  • There are around one billion monthly active users. By using Instagram Ads, you can attract new and similar audiences to your business, and also one billion active users.

  • Although organic Instagram stories will disappear after 24 hours, Stories Ads will not. You can choose the length of the Instagram Ads campaign and the frequency of Instagram Ads.

  • Instagram Ads can drive conversions since there are some success stories of advertisers. Instagram Ads work better when you design your ads in full screen vertical, engaging your audiences with innovative ideas, using automatic placement, and tagging your products in Instagram Ads.

  • Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads can run together in order to optimize delivery and engage audiences with easy setup. When you select both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, the cost will be lowered, and it can attract more audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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